"I first met Romi several years ago when I donated furniture that she was collecting for Hurricane Sandy victims. This is when I found out that she was a landscaper, not just any landscaper but a person who respects the environment. My daughter and I had visions of creating a natural setting for birds, bees and butterflies on this sprawling 1/2 acre lawn in front of our house. We envisioned a smaller and tentative plan for the native plantings. So, there was only one person I knew who would understand and be enthusiastic about our vision - Romi. Her love for the environment and her knowledge of native plants and creativity says it all. I am thrilled about our native plantings and so many people in my neighborhood have stopped and spoke to me about this great addition. I will eventually like to see the whole lawn covered in native plants so there is minimal watering, no pesticides or fertilizers and attracting wildlife."


Lorraine D., Southampton